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NYPD Approved Springfield Armory® XD-S® For Off-Duty Use:

Springfield Armory® is pleased to announce that effective April 7, 2016, a special edition of the XD-S® 9mm was approved by the New York City Police Department. Off-duty uniformed officers are now able to select the XD-S® 9mm pistol as their carry gun of choice.

The New York City Police Department wanted to afford off-duty officers with a pistol option that provided maximum concealment with absolute reliability. As a single-stack 9mm pistol with superior ergonomic features, the XD-S® fit the bill for concealment and controllability. With the new approval, NYPD officers may also carry the XD-S® 9mm NYPD Model as a backup gun while on duty as well.

The NYPD Firearms and Tactics Unit worked in cooperation with the Springfield Armory® engineering and design teams to develop a special edition of the popular XD-S® carry pistol that conforms to the exact requirements of the NYPD. After passing the department’s rigorous testing procedures, the Springfield Armory® XD-S® gained acceptance for use with no performance modifications and only minor adjustments to meet NYPD policy guidelines.

“We’re pleased that we were able to work with the team in the Firearms Training Section to meet specific needs of the department,” stated Dennis Reese, CEO, Springfield Armory®. “Our engineering team developed a new disconnector and grip safety spring that adjusts the trigger pull weight of the XD-S® to the specific policy requirements of the NYPD. The concealed carry community has responded to the XD-S® with overwhelming approval so we’re pleased that law enforcement officers can use it too.”

The NYPD-approved XD-S® pistol includes many of the same features that have made the handgun so popular in the broader concealed carry market. At just .9-inches wide, the XD-S® is easy to carry and conceal. The NYPD special edition pistol comes with three 9mm magazines including a seven-round flush model and two eight-round extended magazines. Like the commercial XD-S® the NYPD model includes a 3.3-inch hammer forged carbon steel barrel treated with Melonite™. With the flush magazine installed, the overall weight of the pistol is 23 ounces.

The Springfield Armory® Law Enforcement team completed the XD-S® Armorer’s Training Program April 9th, marking the official launch of the program to all uniformed officers. A detailed armorer’s manual produced by Springfield Armory® enables the NYPD Firearms Training Section and other law enforcement agencies to expand training internally after the launch event.

Now used for on and off duty carry at hundreds of law enforcement agencies across the country, The New York Police Department is the latest law enforcement agency to recognize the reliability and functional benefits of the XD®, XD(M)®, and XD-S® handgun platform.

Springfield Armory® XD-S® For Off-Duty Use (NYPD Approved Off Duty Use)

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